Are you interested in becoming a member of the Sunstar Insurance Group?

Sunstar plans to grow its revenues through an aggressive acquisition strategy that will be funded by the invested capital of our balance sheet.

We are interested in acquiring reputable agencies that are located in the geographical footprint of the southern and midwestern states.

To become a hub agency of Sunstar, candidates should be at least $2 million in commission revenue, and smaller agencies of any revenue size will be considered as a fold in opportunity or stand alone sales office. Our criteria is to have a majority equity ownership interest in the agencies that we purchase as we are not interested in a minority position or in providing debt capital.

Sunstar seeks to acquire agencies that are financially successful, and we are not inclined to purchase financially distressed or turn around situations. After closing of the acquisition, the purchased agency’s principals and other key personnel must be willing to remain employed by Sunstar for a reasonable period of time. An attractive agency candidate should be compatible with Sunstar’s entrepreneurial sales culture and partnership management philosophy. We are knowledgeable about the current market for selling price valuations and other deal terms and are prepared to make competitive offers to qualified prospective sellers. Principals and other key employees of an acquired agency are provided the opportunity to roll over a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their agency equity into Sunstar equity on a tax deferred basis at closing.

Sunstar is a compelling alternative to the option of selling an agency to a national broker or other strategic buyer with a bureaucratic management style and autocratic approach to integration.

There are many distinguishing features of the Sunstar business model that make us a preferred buyer of choice for an agency:

  •     our entrepreneurial spirit and operating autonomy of affiliated agencies
  •     a regional geographical focus and partnership management philosophy
  •     the retention of your agency’s brand name, compensation scheme and management team
  •     competitively priced sale valuations and market driven deal terms
  •     the financial strength of Sunstar & access to its capital to fund your agency’s future growth
  •     the addition of contracts with more carriers and greater clout with underwriters
  •     an opportunity to own Sunstar stock and build wealth

“Continuing the legacy and succession of our firm was extremely important to me and my partners. With Sunstar we have found an organization that shares our values and understands the importance of our valued partnerships, with our team members, our clients and the carriers that we represent. We are excited to be part of a growing firm that has the commitment to be best in class.”

Thomas G. Murphy, CEO, Sonus Benefits

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